With FINAL, you get the highest degree of customization, tailored to YOUR needs, ultimately producing the desired surface finish in all blasting processes.

Final blast media on a grey table.

Customized Blasting Processes

The requirements for a surface finish can be very specialized. With a unique product distinction, we can meet each customer’s need for blast abrasives, tailor-made for their respective blasting processes. The FINAL product line is specifically configured for each process so that all technical, quality, aesthetic and economic requirements are met without compromise.


 FINAL confidently handles a wide range of blasting tasks on a wide variety of materials:

  • Deburring and edge rounding
  • Desanding, descaling and cleaning
  • Roughening and structuring
  • Satin finishing and smoothing
  • High alloy and low alloy steel
  • Aluminum, bronze, brass and zinc
  • Titanium and nickel-based alloys

Reduced Blast Media Consumption

The very low consumption rate of FINAL positively stands out in direct comparison with glass bead which is extremely brittle. By switching to FINAL, glass bead users are able to achieve an abrasive consumption rate that is approximately 40X lower.

Dust Free and Less Waste

While other blast abrasives break down quickly during blasting and generate significant amounts of dust in the process, high strength FINAL remains form stable for a long time. As a result, work and visibility conditions improve noticeably and the abrasive waste stream and disposal costs are dramatically reduced.

Clean stainless steel tank.
Stainless steel machinery
Stainless steel welding part.
Stainless steel welding part


  • 55 lb Bags
  • 1100 lb Pallet
  • 1760 lb Drums
  • Other packaging available upon request

Subject to change without notice.
All specifications are only a general description of the products.

Final blast media on a grey table.