CHRONITAL is used in all applications where non-rusting materials such as aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, brass, bronze, etc. are blasted.

CHRONITAL’s large spectrum of grain sizes makes it perfect for cleaning, de-burring, hardening and surface finishing of all types of castings, forgings, profiles, wire and welded structural parts, without the possibility that rust could discolor the bright surface due to ferritic dust.

CHRONITAL distinguishes itself by having a high percentage of spherical grains and by its compactness. The end result is low consumption, high performance and low machine wear.

Using CHRONITAL on smooth and textured pavers brings out the stones unique appearance, and the possibility of developing unsightly rust spots on the surface of blasted concrete and granite stones due to the remains of ferritic particles is ruled out.

Chronital blast media on a grey table.

Chemical composition:   C   0.14-0.18%,  Cr  17-19%,   Ni  8-10% 

Bulk density: 280lbs./ft3

Hardness: on delivery ~28 HRC (~275 HV), as operating mix ~47 HRC (~475 HV)

Microstructure: austenitic

Main fields of application:

Blast cleaning, deburring, surface finishing, surface-improvement

  • All types of aluminium castings and forgings
  • Zinc pressure die castings
  • Non-ferrous metals and special alloys
  • Stainless steel castings and forgings
  • Machinery and welded structures in stainless steel
  • Concrete and natural stones

CHRONITAL offers the following advantages:

  • Great durability
  • Short blasting times
  • Bright appearance
  • Rust-free surfaces
  • Reduced wear of blast cleaning equipment
  • Low waste disposal costs
  • Dust-free blasting process

Blasting of metals...

  • For efficient deburring
  • For bright appearance
  • For surface preparation prior to coating

Stone blasting...

  • For smooth and textured surfaces
  • For non-slip surfaces
  • For dramatic appearance
Stainless investment casting
Stainless investment casting
Aluminum sand casting
Aluminum sand casting

Grain Sizes

Cast Stainless Steel Shot

Images shown for visual comparison only - NOT ACTUAL SIZE.


.05-0.2 mm
170-100 MESH
Chronital 10 cast stainless steel shot detail.


0.1-0.3 mm
100-70 MESH
Chronital 20 cast stainless steel shot detail.


0.14-0.5 mm
70-40 MESH
Chronital 30 cast stainless steel shot detail.


0.4-0.8 mm
40-25 MESH
Chronital 40 cast stainless steel shot detail.


0.6-1.0 mm
30-20 MESH
Chronital 50 cast stainless steel shot detail.


0.7-1.25 mm
25-18 MESH
Chronital 60 cast stainless steel shot detail.


1.00-1.40 mm
18-16 MESH
Chronital 100 cast stainless steel shot detail.


1.25-1.7 mm
16-14 MESH
Chronital 150 cast stainless steel shot detail.


1.4-2.0 mm
14-12 MESH
Chronital 200 cast stainless steel shot detail.


1.7-3.0 mm
10-8 MESH
Chronital 300 cast stainless steel shot detail.


  • 55 lb Bags
  • 1100 lb Pallet
  • 1760 lb Drums
  • Other packaging available upon request

Subject to change without notice.
All specifications are only a general description of the products.

Chronital blast media on a grey table.